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About Me




NYU Graduate

As the host of the Introverted Black Girl Podcast, I share my experience and perspective on various topics such as dating, work-life, friends, family etc.. 

I began podcasting after interning and annoying my sister, "M" with my daily complaints about not having a boyfriend or friends, hating college and hating my job. She said, "start a podcast." So, I did.


I felt that being an introverted black girl mean't that the odds were against me. Who wants to invite the introverted black girl to the party? (not that I like to party but I would still like the invite lol) Who wants to date the introverted black girl who has awkward silences during phone sex? Who wants to promote the introverted black girl to manager? NOT MANY! But, I'm hoping that my platform can change that. I'm here to say that there is nothing wrong with being an introverted black girl. We are smart, funny, cute, and unique. It's okay to not fit in.


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The Office


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