What is this website?

This website was designed to be a safe space for introverted black girls and introverted black girl allies all over the world to be creative. We aim to showcase and broadcast the many talents that introverted black girls have to offer. We are the Introverted Black Girl Collective.

I want to showcase my talents! How do I contribute to the collective?

Click here to submit ;)!

Who's this podcast for?

If you identify as an introverted black girl or are an ally of introverted black girls, you are welcomed. Regardless of your sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc., we welcome anyone who supports the collective :) 

I heard you had a podcast. Where can I listen?

You can find the Introverted Black Girl Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Castbox, IHeartradio, and many other various podcasting platforms.

I have a question but it's not listed. What to do?

Contact me at: ibgpodcast@gmail.com

I want to sponsor/partner/advertise! 

Contact me at: ibgpodcast@gmail.com