Yo, What's Good WIth You?: Logan Paul Says He Will Go Gay For A mONTH

So, for those of you who may not know, Logan Paul is a very popular Youtuber with millions of followers. He has been at the center of one of the most controversial videos on Youtube. Logan Paul filmed himself in Japan's Suicide Forest while standing next to a dead body hanging from a tree. Since the video, he's apologized numerous times and said that his intentions for the video was to raise awareness about suicide. Now, he's pissing even more people off with his new endeavor of being gay for the month of March. The LGBTQ community feels disrespected by Logan Paul because they feel he's making it seem like being gay is a choice. The choice argument is used by many to taunt and disrespect the LGBTQ community. Since the backlash, he's said, "my fault," and requested to have a talk with the GLAAD organization on his podcast next week. SMH.