Wait, Let Me Explain: $350 Toilet Powered By Worms

Ok, ok. You're probably wondering wtf but it's actually a good idea.

$4.8 million in grant money, from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was given to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to improve the technology behind the worm powered toilets. Now, finally, the technology is accessible to individuals living in developing countries. The toilet is called the Tiger Toilet. The toilets do not flush and does not require a sewer system. The worms are in a container below the toilet, and they feast on feces. The creatures' activity leaves behind a mix of water, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of wormy compost. Ajeet Oak, director of the Tiger Toilet company said recently in an interview that, "Their (worms) natural breeding, natural habitat is in cow dung heaps, or horse sh*t heaps, that kind of thing." So, in essence, the worms are in their natural element.

So, why should these toilets be in existence? The toilets are believed to be revolutionary due to its sanitation factor. It is believed that the toilets are the sanitary alternative to pit latrines and open defecation in developing countries like India. According to the World Health Organization,  as a result of poor hygiene, many people (as well as over 500,000 children) annually die around the world due to not having a safe and sanitary place to go to the bathroom. The odors and toxins collected within the Tiger Toilet are lessened due to the worms activity. It is also the hope of its creators that the issue of open defecation in India would lessen as a result of the implementation of Tiger Toilets within their society.